Meet Sarah Holding


Having been a postman, an architect, a university professor and a community planner, Sarah Holding is now a full-time author. She lives in Surrey in a funny old house with a leaning tower with her husband and her three children. She loves vegan food, good coffee and modern jazz.

Sarah is the author of SeaBEAN the trilogy, and CHAMELEON, both novels that fall within the genre of ‘cli-fi’ or climate fiction. She recently published her first collection of children’s poetry, How to Write a Poem, which were all written during lockdown.

She’s also been helping United Learning run their national StorySLAM competition, recording the audio versions of her books and working on her next book, a YA eco-thriller entitled ‘Blackloop‘.

Sarah is passionate about championing the pleasures of reading and writing and the importance of cherishing our beautiful planet. 

You can find Sarah on:
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and on Goodreads:

She is a member of the Society of Authors and of the Alliance of Independent Authors.