Sarah’s SeaBEAN trilogy received 6 enthusiastic reviews from readers who contribute regularly to the Guardian in the Children’s Books section. Here they are:

10 June 2015: ‘SeaRISE is the latest instalment in the SeaBEAN trilogy. Not having read the other two of the SeaBEAN cli-fi thriller trilogy, I can tell you that after reading SeaRISE, you will want to!’ – Luke S

searise review

26 May 2015:  ‘I found the book a bit crazy and adventurous, but it also makes you think about things a lot’ – Dragonflame

dragonflame review

29 November 2014: ‘The serious edge to this book is that it talks about the ecological issues with the world and why we need to stop global warming so the world does not end up as it is in the book.’ – Booktrain125

grab of searise review

30 November 2014: You can see how what happens in one small place might be happening all over the world. If you are interested in the environment then this is the book for you.’  – Rider

seabean review 301114

2 June 2014: ‘SeaBEAN, my new favourite book’ – Polly

polly's review

21 December 2013:  ‘An awesome book’ – Booktrain125

Booktrain's review