Green Sonnet 107

Green Sonnet 107

This poem is a modern take on a classical poetic form and creates a timeless, wondrous feeling of admiration for the world we live in.

Shall I compare thee to an ocean sky

With roiling green of tangerine

A prelude of song-birds in July

When sizzling wind comes in-between

A New World over better seas

Then should thou mane blaze a fire blue?

Such melodies which tease!

Riseth white crystal anew

Thou seeth a world of adventurous green

Calming in pristine waves

a gaggle of trees of elegant twine;

Knights and Knaves that no longer roam

with hoards of dodos behold

And seeketh thee in the souls of the serene

Which come-back in processions of cheer

Far from the wastes of The Red Planet

Far from the chilling spikes

Of Long-gone creatures beyond

And the Raucous wind which puffs

In glee,

With hair of silvery clouds

To seek the fruits of Mother Earth:

A tune-green pastel landscape

With the conviction of thou and thee,

A setting sun in splashes of paint

From the Creator’s mouth that spouts red and orange

A pink fruited morn:The Womb!

An adoration of the sky and earth, one of deep tales,

She who is the sky and ground,

The cracking of thunder and the elephant’s trumpet,

Back to the sea which laughs,

A violet day that is thou heart,

A burning star.

Amber, age 9    
North London Collegiate School