who is Alice?

Q1 Who is your main character Alice and are they a fictional or a historic person?

The main character in The SeaBEAN Trilogy is 11-year-old Alice Robertson. She’s a fictional character, and you can think of her like a modern-day Alice in Wonderland.

Q2 When and where is the SeaBEAN trilogy set?

The story takes place on the island of St Kilda in 2018, which is a real cluster of islands off the far northwest coast of Scotland. It’s actually the remotest part of the UK. I wanted to use a real setting but a slightly futuristic timescale. It’s an amazing place to visit – you can see some pictures of it here.

Q3 What should we know about Alice?

Alice is courageous, curious, and a little bit odd. Her mum is their teacher on St Kilda in a class of only 6 children. She has a new baby brother called Kit and an older sister called Lori who’s away at boarding school on the mainland. She loves numbers and is always counting things. She would love a class pet, preferably a dog. Alice’s best friend is a boy of 12 called Charlie. Alice is a little naïve at the start of the trilogy and becomes more worldly-wise and resourceful as her adventures in the C-Bean, a time travel device, start to happen.

Q4 What messes up her life?

Alice’s island is going to be sold to some Russians who want to drill for oil there, so part of their mission is to stop this from happening.

In SeaBEAN, Alice has to figure out what’s going on at a goldmine they discover in the rainforest, why the sea is getting polluted, what the strange cylinders are that they find in Hong Kong, and how to get back from the other St Kilda in Australia when they accidentally land up there instead of Scotland.

In SeaWAR, Alice has to survive a submarine attack, save the starving villagers, stop a nuclear disaster from happening, rescue an injured pilot, and escape from the men who are pursuing her.

In SeaRISE, Alice has to escape from Hadron’s lab in 2118, find Karla Ingermann, stop Dr Foster from going ahead with Plan B, and somehow get everyone back to her own time.

She comes to realised over the course of the Trilogy that although the C-Bean is an amazing device that allows Alice and her friends to travel instantly across space and time, it is also the root of all her problems. Should she reset time and go back to a time before it all happened? Or should she see the whole thing through and restore the damage done to the earth’s fragile climate?

Q5 What is Alice’s secret goal?

She wants her older sister to respect her, but more importantly she also wants to ensure her family and her island home survive. When the C-Bean takes her away from her own time – in SeaWAR back in time and in SeaRISE to the distant future – Alice’s biggest challenge is to get back to 2018 and make everything right again, even if it means that she has to say goodbye to some friends forever.