what is cli-fi?

‘Cli-fi’ is short for climate change fiction, a new genre that’s been attracting a lot of attention in the last few years. There’s even a wikipedia entry about clifi.

Sarah’s debut children’s series, the SeaBEAN trilogy is now regarded as one of the leading examples of this genre for children and has been embraced by teachers and educators across the UK as a key text for exploring climate change through fiction.

Here’s an interview Sarah did with Stories for Earth about clifi in 2020:

Here are some children at a school in Scotland discussing Sarah’s book SeaBEAN on BBC Radio Scotland and sharing their thoughts on the role that literature could play in understanding climate change:

Sarah’s contribution to the genre of cli-fi was mentioned in a Guardian article in October 2017 entitled ‘Clifi – A new way to talk about climate change’:

Clifi piece Oct 2017

Sarah was commissioned to write a piece for The Guardian, which published on 6 Feb 2015, entitled ‘What is cli-fi? And why I write it’:

screen grab why I write clifi piece

The Guardian also published this piece entitled ‘Sarah Holding’s top 10 cli-fi books’:


Sarah was interviewed by Reuters for a piece entitled ‘As the weather shifts, cli-fi takes root as a new literary genre’:

reuters clifi piece

Sarah’s very first interview about cli-fi was with Mary Woodbury who runs a website formerly called clifibooks which is now called dragonfly.eco.