Sarah’s Young Adult novel ‘CHAMELEON‘ came out in June 2020 and is a powerful new addition to the ‘cli-fi‘ or climate fiction genre. 

CHAMELEON‘ imagines how humankind might have survived a previous climate catastrophe 12,000 years ago.

Shortly before the fall of Atlantis, genetic engineers prepare three new prototypes, Kam, Mel and Leon, for field testing. They are the first humans who have blue eyes and the ability to shapeshift.
As climatic conditions on Earth spin rapidly out of control, it seems that the future of Atlantis depends entirely on whether the three test subjects can find a way to work together to solve the deepening crisis. 
But first they need to find each other.

Here’s an interview Sarah gave about CHAMELEON when it first came out in 2020, which was the first in a series of author interviews on Stories for Earth: